Hansen Fight | 7.6 CM

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  • The Lengendary Fight spoon have earned a reputation as the first choice lure for seatrout costal spinning in Northern Europe
  • Comes fitted with doubled forged spilt rings and fine wired Black nickel tournament treble hooks
  • Superb for Seabass and Seatrout
Item No. Length Weight Colour
17541 7.6cm 15g Red/Black
17549 7.6cm 15g Green/Yellow/Silver
41129 7.6cm 15g Blue/Silver
44010 7.6cm 15g White Tobis
45639 7.6cm 15g Zulu
45640 7.6cm 15g Pink Pig
17565 7.6cm 18g Red/Black
17573 7.6cm 18g Green/Yellow/Silver
41132 7.6cm 18g Blue/Silver
44012 7.6cm 18g White Tobis
45641 7.6cm 18g Zulu
45642 7.6cm 18g Pink Pig
17589 7.6cm 21g Red/Black
17597 7.6cm 21g Green/Yellow/Silver
41135 7.6cm 21g Blue/Silver
44014 7.6cm 21g White Tobis
45643 7.6cm 21g Zulu
45644  7.6cm 21g Pink Pig