FOX Exocet Mono Trans Khaki Line | 1000m | 0.35mm | 8.18kg

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Fox | Exocet Trans Khaki

This is a low-diameter casting line that will actually suit plenty of people as the main reel line too. As ever with Fox, they have kept a close eye on camouflage – after all, they do have the underwater maestro Rob Hughes to give them the best advice when it comes to what goes on below the surface. It comes in low-visibility Trans Khaki colours, which virtually disappears on the lakebed and in midwater. It is super-supple, which makes it ideal for effortless long casts, and is hard-wearing enough to be used day to day as well. It has great abrasion-resistance considering its low diameter, and many of the Fox fieldtesters have been surprised at how robust it is. It also sinks surprisingly well, which many supple lines don’t. It has been formulated to have high knot strength and low memory, and comes on 1,000m spools.

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