Dynamite Two Tone Fluro | 15 mm & 20 mm

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Dynamite Two Tone Fluro
  • A really popular product in Europe
  • Super buoyant and resilient pop ups that offer contrasting colour and flavour in one hookbait
  • No need to cut and glue baits together – we have already done it for you
  • Available in 4 variants  – all proven Dynamite colours and flavours creating deadly combinations to fool those wariest of fish..
  • Ideal for Chod rigs, Zigs and snowman presentations
  • Available as 15mm and 20mm

The Range

  • Fluro Two Tone Banan& Krill
  • Fluro Two Tone Plum & Pineapple
  • Fluro Two Tone Tutti Frutti & Pineaple
  • Fluro Two Tone Strawberry & Coconut Cream