DAM SPR G2 Light Boat Rods

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DAM SPR G2 Light Boat Rods

The last couple of years our SteelPower® Red series has established quite a name. They are well known among and appreciated by sea anglers all over Europe. This year we revamped them completely, with the state of the art components. The new SteelPower® Red G2 rods not only look better (more modern) but also perform better

All SteelPower® Red G2 rods equipped with a gimbal are delivered with a matching EVA protection cap

The oval guides on the Boat, Light Boat and Natur rods provide maximum strength and durability

Making good things even better – that’s our permanent target! With the SteelPower® Red G2 Light Boat Power Tip rods we have achieved this by using a new kind of “power tip”, made of solid fibreglass, which is directly connected to the carbon blank! This resulted in a higher sensibility as well as stability which, altogether, upgraded the complete functionality of this rod to a completely new level

Item No. Length  Transit Length Weight Test Curve Sections
2561050 2.10m 108cm 449g 50lb 2
2562030 2.40m 126cm 477g 30lb 2
2562050 2.40m 126cm 491g 50lb 2