DAM Rod Bag Deluxe With Metal Frame | S 1.25m | M 1.45m | L 1.65m

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DAM Rod Bag Deluxe With Metal Frame

If a standard rod bag doesn’t offer you the stability you want for protecting your rods and plastic cases are too heavy and difficult to transport, the these framed rod bags are the perfect solution. They offer you the best of both worlds. The bags are equipped with a frame construction made out of metal wire that is put inside the outer layer.


  • This makes the bags much more stable than conventional rod bags which also means your rods are far better protected
  • The high quality bags are made out of 600D nylon (100%)
  • Have thick padding for protecting your rods, offers enough room for up to six mounted rods
  • Equipped with an extra outer pocket for the easy transport of an umbrella or rod holder
 Item No. Product Name Length (m)
8310525 Rod Bag Deluxe Small 125 x 10 x 25cm
8310545    Rod Bag Deluxe Medium 145 x 10 x 25cm
8310560 Rod Bag Deluxe Large 165 x 10 x 25cm