DAM Effzett® Pike Rattlin’ Spinnerbait | 17 cm & 20 cm | Various Colours

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Winning the “Best New Metal Lure” award on EFTTEX 2016 with the EFFZETT Pike Rattlin’ Spinner was a great way to introduce our innovative “Rattlin’ Body Concept”. The huge success has led us to develop a Spinnerbait using the Rattlin’ Body Concept. But here it comes, we even managed to improve the intensity of sound attraction generated by the rattlin’ body by making it out of ABS and adding wings to it so it is turning under water. The EFFZETT Pike Spinnerbait comes 2 sizes in 7 catchy colors using mixed colored reflective material to generate visual attraction. The pressure waves are coming from a size 6 or 7 Colorado spinner blade in combination with a smaller Colorado blade. There is no metal lure on the market that attracts more attention underwater!

• Unique Rattlin’ Body Concept
• Visual, pressure and sound attraction
• Highly visible tinsel skirt
• Extremely strong 1.2mm stainless steel wire
• Ultra-sharp EFFZETT 3X spinnerbait single hook


56291 FLUO YELLOW/GREEN 17cm 43g 0-2m
56292 FLUO YELLOW/ORANGE 17cm 43g 0-2m
56293 FIRETIGER 17cm 43g 0-2m
56294 BLACK DEMON 17cm 43g 0-2m
56295 GOLD 17cm 43g 0-2m
56296 SILVER 17cm 43g 0-2m
56297 SILVER/BLUE 17cm 43g 0-2m
56298 FLUO YELLOW/GREEN 20cm 56g 1-3m
56299 FLUO YELLOW/ORANGE 20cm 56g 1-3m
56300 FIRETIGER 20cm 56g 1-3m
56301 BLACK DEMON 20cm 56g 1-3m
56302 GOLD 20cm 56g 1-3m
56303 SILVER 20cm 56g 1-3m
56304 SILVER/GOLD 20cm 56g 1-3m