DAM® Multi-Compartment Rod Bags

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Very versatile and functional rod bags with 2, 3 or 4 individual rod compartments. On both sides, outer pockets offer enough space for a rod pod or landing net. Additional open outer pockets are ideal for bank sticks and the special fixing straps can hold an umbrella. The clever carrying system includes a standard handle and a very convenient “back pack” system to have free hands at all times.


60357 110X31X29CM
60358 130X31X29CM
60359 150X31X29CM
60360 170X31X29CM
60353 110X24X29CM
60354 130X24X29CM
60355 150X24X29CM
60356 170X24X29CM
60361 110X38X29CM
60362 130X38X29CM
60363 150X38X29CM
60364 170X38X29CM