BLUE FOX Vibrax Bullet Fly 8g Various Colors Hook Fishing VMC

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Vibrax Bullet Fly is a long-throw swirl with a special blade design when fishing at a higher current or deeper and you want to get maximum vibration. This series is 30% heavier than the Vibrax Original classic models. Special hair decoration to draw even more attention.
- Cleans non-twisting construction.
- Sharp and strong VMC hooks with hairs - annoying and provoking to attack.
- Brass gear (easy to rotate, emits sound).
- Housing made of machined brass, coated with a layer of silver or copper and painted       in Vibrax Fly style.
- Stamped brass leaf painted in Vibrax Bullet Fly style.
- Stainless steel shaft.
- Optimum working depth 0.6 - 1.2 m.
- 45 °. For medium depths.
- Weight 8 grams.

S.No Item no. Color
1 VBF2BFR  BFR - Black Fluorescent Red
2 VBF2SBP SBP - Silver Black Pink
3 VBF2BCH BCH - Black Chartreuse
4 VBF2RT RT - Rainbow Trout
5 VBF2SBB SBB - Silver / Black
6 VBF2SCHB SCHB - Silver / Flo.Yellow