STORM Arashi Rattling Deep Diving Fishing Lure | 6 - 7 - 9cm | 16 - 22 - 32g | Various Colours

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STORM Arashi Rattling Deep

This deep diving Arashi gets down faster than any other in its class thanks to its super thin circuit board lip. The patent-pending self-tuning line tie keeps the lure tracking straight, even when bouncing off cover making this lure ideal for fishing in contact with structure.

Two new depths join the ADP to reach down to 18ft and 25ft this season, along with an expansion to the popular color range.

  • Circuit board lip for responsive action and fast dive
  • Self-tuning line tie keeps the lure tracking straight
  • Tight wiggling action for maximum flash and vibration
  • Multi-ball rattle for loud, variable pitch
  • Long cast design for increased distance and accuracy
  • Premium VMC Black Nickel hooks
  • Tank tested


Model Running Depth Body Length Weight
ADP18 5.5 m 7 cm 22 g
ADP25 7.6 m 9 cm 32 g
ADP10 3.0–6.0 m 6 cm 16 g
ADP10 3.3 m 6 cm 16 g