NEW 2021 BLUE FOX VIBRAX® SHAD Spinners 3g Various Colours

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The Blue Fox model Vibrax Flake is another version of the classic twist model, the leaves and body of which are covered with Vibrax Flake coloring. Their uniqueness lies in the light-reflecting micro-particles that are poured into the body paint and the chameleon uneven coloring of the leaf, which gives a different reflection underwater every time.

  •  Clean non-rotating construction.
  • Sharp and strong VMC hooks.
  • Brass gear (easily rotating, emitting sound).
  • Housing made of machined brass, coated with silver or copper layer and Vibrax Flake paint.
  • Rolled sheet made of stamped brass, plated with silver or copper, painted in Vibrax Flake colors.
  • Stainless steel shaft.
  • Optimum working depth 0.6 - 1.2 m.
  • 45 °. For medium depths.
  • Weight 13 grams.
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1 BFFL5BCCB BCCB - Black Chartreuse Candy back
2 BFFL5CBCB CBCB - Chartreuse Blue Candy back
3 BFFL5CGCB CGCB - Chartreuse Green Candy back
4 BFFL5CPCB CPCB - Cerise Purple Candy back
5 BFFL5OCCB OCCB - Orange Chartreuse Candy back
6 BFFL5PCCB PCCB - Pink Chartreuse Candy back