Hansen Pilgrim SD Lures Prey Lure Trout And Salmon In Still Water Brass Plate

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The Pilgrim SD is a classically shaped prey lure. The Pilgrim have proven effective, not only for trout and for salmon in Still water and river, but also for saltwater use. The Pilgrim pressed out of a brass plate, it is then fitted with a scale pattern on the backside and painted with a proven color combination. The Pilgrim SD are made from either 314 stainless steel or brass material. All lures comes fitted with quality stainless split rings and black nickel tournament treble hook.

61627 Silver/Red 10g
61628 Silver/Blue 10g
61629 Gold/Red 10g
61630 Copper/Red 10g
61631 Black/UV Red 10g
61632 UV Orange/Yellow 10g
61633 Silver/Red 14g
61634 Silver/Blue 14g
61635 Gold/Red 14g
61636 Copper/Red 14g
61637 Black/UV Red 14g
61638 UV Orange/Yellow 14g
61639 Silver/Red 18g
61640 Silver/Blue 18g
61641 Gold/Red 18g
61642 Copper/Red 18g
61643 Black/UV Red 18g
61644 UV Orange/Yellow 18g
61645 Silver/Red 22g
61646 Silver/Blue 22g
61647 Gold/Red 22g
61648 Copper/Red 22g
61649 Black/UV Red 22g
61650 UV Orange/Yellow 22g
61651 Silver/Red 28g
61652 Silver/Blue 28g
61653 Gold/Red 28g
61654 Copper/Red 28g
61655 Black/UV Red 28g
61656 UV Orange/Yellow 28g
61657 Silver/Red 32g
61658 Silver/Blue 32g
61659 Gold/Red 32g
61660 Copper/Red 32g
61661 Black/UV Red 32g
61662 UV Orange/Yellow 32g
61663 Silver/Red 42g
61664 Silver/Blue 42g
61665 Gold/Red 42g
61666 Copper/Red 42g
61667 Black/UV Red 42g
61668 UV Orange/Yellow 42g